Multispeed Orgasms

20130527165532-720ea0b4I found the answer to my problem of orgasm speed and it was stupid simple.

Here is the problem I had. I was really liking making hubby cum for me faster and faster. It showed both of us how much control I had to take him from a normal condition, watching basketball, and have him cum all over the place within two minutes. But I realized that I was maybe making a problem for myself. Making him my hair-trigger premature ejaculating bitch was awesome, but I like to be fucked long and hard. I am not content just with his mouth and toys. I like to have his cock in me and make me cum that way. So I need him to last.

So what I did was use an anchor. I’ll first explain how I make him cum faster and faster, then how I have been training him to last and last using an anchor.

Making him cum fast turns me way on and makes him feel happy and helpless. What could I not make him do when I can reward him with an orgasm at any time and or punish him with a mess in his pants any where? It gives me more and more control the faster and faster I can make him cum. So I’ve been working on that. And of course its all in the mind. Finding his trigger words and trigger touches and trigger thoughts was the key.

To do this training I always used my hand. That way I could watch his face all the time. I stare at him as I stroke him and make it so he can not take the eye contact anymore. Then I am free to look at what I’m doing with my hand some times and watch the signals in his face the rest of the time. Seeing how close he was getting and what affect my words and moves had on him let me fine tune my techniques better and better and find out what to say to him to make him cum right away.

Here are some of the things that work for my sweet bitch boy. Your slut may need other words.

“I want you to try not to cum. Because the harder you try the faster I can make you cum”

“Oooh, I can see that I’m getting to you now”

“Is my sweety having a hard time holding it in?”

“I can feel you starting to cum. Its getting closer and closer…”

“Are you going to make sticky cummies all over yourself? Poor baby”

“That’s it lover. Fight it. But you know you want it more than anything”

“It pleases me when you cum for me fast. You want to please me right now”

And things like that.

At this point I have him to where I can make him cum in two or three minutes starting from scratch and faster if I kiss him and fondle him for a while first.

But I want a longer fuck than three minutes. So what I figured out to do was to do two kinds of training alternatingly.

For a while I switched completely to this: I would edge him and tell him that if he lasts long enough I’ll make him cum. When he starts to get close I slow down or stop. The differences is subtle here. To make him cum fast I would tease him about trying not to cum, but teaching him to go long I would praise him for how long he was lasting. After about three weeks of this, he was able to hold off long enough to make me cum hard a couple of times. So then I started with the speed thing again. I told him this “When I hold your wrist like this you will cum for me super super super fast. Otherwise it will be slow and you will not cum for a long long time.” I would remind him again and again, and alternate between fast training and slow training. His wrist is a powerful anchor for him, and feeling me hold his wrist and rub my finger right on his pulse point drives him wild. So I made this the trigger.

So far it is working really good. He is lasting long enough to satisfy me when we fuck although I want to keep makng this longer. And when I want to make him cum fast I use the wrist anchor and I say the things that push him over the edge and it’s like he’s a push button cum machine. I get wet just thinking about it, and when I make him cum all messy in just a couple of minutes I can feel him becoming more and more my possession every time.

Doing this in his clothes, like in the car, is beyond hot. He goes totally into sub space and whimpers as he cums for me.

I’m Back!!!

poltergeistI know it has been a long long time since I posted anything here. Life has been pretty crappy but I do not feel like talking about it. I’m good now and we have been doing the BDSM again for a couple of months and it is going really good. The break did not set us back much. I hope to be posting more frequently now.

Teach The Girls

Women have known how to control their men for thousands and thousands of years and it is the natural way for women and their slutboys to be happy. And it looks like people were even talking about this in the fifties. Now that I am in my fifties I wonder WHY DIDNT MY MOTHER TEACH ME THIS STUFF? Did she know? I dont think that she did. But it should have been in those filmstrips for when they taught me about my period. We need to be teaching this stuff!! It doesnt matter that than men would all know what we wanted to do. It is easy to seduce a man and when you get his dicklet hard enough he will agree to all kinds of things including giving you control of his dicklet. If this were a part of our regular education then men would grow up knowing that someday they might get married and raise a family but even before that they would probably have to put on a chastity device and be a woman’s puppy dog.
photo 3


photo 1Reading over my posts so far I became aware of two things

1. I make it sound like I dominate hubby as some remote and autocratic bitch goddess who dictates all.
2. I am the worst speller I know.

I wish to comment on both of these.

Communication: hubby and me OF COURSE discuss, negotiate, compromise, suggest, request, and lovingly pound out everything we do. Yes, I am in charge but I am in charge by his consent. Yes I push the limits of what consent means but even THAT is by consent. That makes sense I promise. But we talk more than most couples I think. Hubby and his wishes are just as important in our lives as mine, really. It is just that I have taken the steering wheel and put him in the back seat. I am in control but I am taking him where we both want to go. And he gets to just sit back and ride.

Spelling: I am the worst speller and not great with grammar either. If you make the mistake of thinking that this means I am not intelligent, enjoy your sense of superiority, dickhead. I majored in business (I know, more “proof” that I am stupid) but I am no dummy. I speak Spanish a little better than I do English but I am able to express myself in English pretty well. I am not scary brilliant like bitchboy, but I read, think, and can still do differential and integral calculus. My favorite writer is Isabel Allende and I have not read the Twilight books. Okay I mean I have not read the Twilight books more than once or twice.

(The picture at the top of this post looks like an excellent conversation is going on in just the way it should. Open and honest but with her securely on top. Hubby and I do not do our talking this way because I am MUCH plumper than the girl in the picture and he would be too smothered and scared to talk. Not conducive to communicating.)


I feel so dumb for not taking control of my bitch seventeen years ago when we moved in together. I had always thought that to dominate a man you had to be a leather-wearing cold eyed bitch goddess who would bark orders, or a hypnotizing witch who had studied mysterious mind control methods. But it is SO SIMPLE. Control his dicklet and everything else takes care of itself. It turns his brain into my toy, and anything I say becomes his world. I have to be careful because when I am bitchy at my bitch it hits him hard, but he works so hard to make me happy that that does not happen very often.
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