About ME

This is my journal where I can record my journey in female dominance, and my long-term project of totally owning my husband’s mind and soul. I’m writing it because people on fetlife have asked about our experiences, and because it turns me on to write about the things I do to hubby.

About me (from my old Fetlife profile)

I have any and all desires inside of me, but for the most part I’m a Domme. I have exactly one submissive: my husband. My darling, my slut, my tight end, my boytoy, my confused man-child. He is everything I need, because if there is anything I decide that I need that he is not, I make him into it. The more I transform him, the more devoted to me he becomes, and the easier it is to mold him into the happy slave I know he wants to be. We’re pretty new at this, but so far so good. I’ve been shaped by our journey as much as he has. The more deeply I take control of him, the more dominant I feel. There are things that I never knew I wanted until I made him want them. I never thought using a strap-on would be much fun, but when I realized that he really didn’t want that, I needed the thrill of making him agree to it anyway. By the time I trained him to crave it, I needed it too. It’s like I’m a chisel carving his stone, but never get dulled. The more I cut, the sharper I get.

I’m pretty but overweight, impatient with idiots but kind to the weak, short-tempered but sweet.

If my profile is making your little dicky hard, you’re welcome, but if you want something personal from me, then be a good boy and fuck off. I don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know, and I don’t fuck anyone but my hubby-slave, so deal with it. If I dont like your comments on my blog I’ll delete them.

I post a lot of pictures here that are not mine and if they are your’s and you want them removed just send me proof of ownership and I will remove them.

Fetlife: uDoAnything4Me

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