Teach The Girls

Women have known how to control their men for thousands and thousands of years and it is the natural way for women and their slutboys to be happy. And it looks like people were even talking about this in the fifties. Now that I am in my fifties I wonder WHY DIDNT MY MOTHER TEACH ME THIS STUFF? Did she know? I dont think that she did. But it should have been in those filmstrips for when they taught me about my period. We need to be teaching this stuff!! It doesnt matter that than men would all know what we wanted to do. It is easy to seduce a man and when you get his dicklet hard enough he will agree to all kinds of things including giving you control of his dicklet. If this were a part of our regular education then men would grow up knowing that someday they might get married and raise a family but even before that they would probably have to put on a chastity device and be a woman’s puppy dog.
photo 3

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