photo 1Reading over my posts so far I became aware of two things

1. I make it sound like I dominate hubby as some remote and autocratic bitch goddess who dictates all.
2. I am the worst speller I know.

I wish to comment on both of these.

Communication: hubby and me OF COURSE discuss, negotiate, compromise, suggest, request, and lovingly pound out everything we do. Yes, I am in charge but I am in charge by his consent. Yes I push the limits of what consent means but even THAT is by consent. That makes sense I promise. But we talk more than most couples I think. Hubby and his wishes are just as important in our lives as mine, really. It is just that I have taken the steering wheel and put him in the back seat. I am in control but I am taking him where we both want to go. And he gets to just sit back and ride.

Spelling: I am the worst speller and not great with grammar either. If you make the mistake of thinking that this means I am not intelligent, enjoy your sense of superiority, dickhead. I majored in business (I know, more “proof” that I am stupid) but I am no dummy. I speak Spanish a little better than I do English but I am able to express myself in English pretty well. I am not scary brilliant like bitchboy, but I read, think, and can still do differential and integral calculus. My favorite writer is Isabel Allende and I have not read the Twilight books. Okay I mean I have not read the Twilight books more than once or twice.

(The picture at the top of this post looks like an excellent conversation is going on in just the way it should. Open and honest but with her securely on top. Hubby and I do not do our talking this way because I am MUCH plumper than the girl in the picture and he would be too smothered and scared to talk. Not conducive to communicating.)

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