The Control Hormone Situation

cave_womanI have been piecing together an understanding of hormones and their changes in sex, especially males hormones. I have been reading things all over the internet and the sources range from tantric sex people to semi scientific surveys of research to total crackpots spewing bullshit to reinforce their fantasies. So I am having trouble figuring out what is and is not true in this area. But here are the basics I am starting to think are pretty solid.

I will focus on the male hormone patterns because my interest is in controlling my hubbybitch, but I will write later about the female situation.

Sex Hormones in Men

We hear a lot about testosterone, and it is a huge thing in male bodies but the key players in this game are named Dopamine, Prolactin, and Oxytocin.

Here is a simplistic picture of what those three are:

Dopamine: the intense pleasure hormone. A built in reward system. The heroin of hormones. Hugh high and deep crash.

Prolactin: the satisfaction hormone. Like an antidote to the Dopamine. It shuts down sexual stuff.

Oxytocin: the “cuddle hormone.” It is what I was given to induce labor. It is involved in bonding, intimacy, trust, and maybe anxiety.

So now I will look at two patterns in terms of male bodies. The first is a regular “fuck my wife whenever I feel like it” pattern and the second is the tease and denial pattern.

The “regular” pattern: orgasms on a regular basis. In this pattern oxytocin builds up slowly in each cycle, then at orgasm a huge heroin rush of dopamine explodes his brain, and immediately it is all killed by prolactin, so he instantly loses desire, intimate feelings, submissiveness, and trust. It then takes a few days or weeks to build those up again properly.

The tease and denial pattern: no orgasms for long periods, but CONSTANT teasing. In this pattern there are no big blasts of dopamine except for the occasional releases (I know I let hubby have too many a lot of people would say) Oxytocin builds up and stays high all the time, making him attentive and horny and affectionate and obedient and super fucking eager to please the woman. They have done experiments with suggestibility tests before and after doses of oxytocin by nasal mist, and oxytocin makes him MUCH more suggestible.

Here is a chart I found that displays this idea.

Here is what I think. The second pattern is the natural one. Cave men and cave women were struggling for food and survival and probably did not get to fuck all that often which worked out well because the man was a constant protector and helper of the woman, and did what she said. She was the level headed practical one so male obedience to the female helped the cave men survive. Female control of the male is the natural and proper pattern for humans. This is part of why I do not feel any guilt about mindfucking hubby so completely and playing with his emotions and desires. It is just the right thing and the way we are built to be.

About emotions: some studies apparently say that oxytocin can increase anxiety sometimes, and I have seen this in hubby. He will become anxious sometimes as he becomes more and more mentally dependent on me. But you know what? This is good. He is anxious about keeping me happy, and he should be. It is like when you first fall in love and the other person makes you giddy all the time but you stress out about whether they feel the same or will stay with you. It motivates you to be romantic and attentive and caring. So I cause hubby to be CONSTANTLY FALLING IN LOVE WITH ME as he should naturally be doing.

What about pattern number three, where instead of constantly teasing him to intense arousal and keeping him there, you just dont have sex with him. Sex denial instead of orgasm denial. This is the way to do if you want nothing to do with him and dont want him to be your happy puppy slave toy or want you at all. In this situation he has constantly low dopamine, constantly low oxytocin, and the only things sloshing around inside him are testosterone and beer. Not good. He will cheat on you or just get depressed and annoying.

That is my hormone story for now.

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