Make Him Ask and Beg

photo 3I am sure now that I am going to put hubby in a chastity device of some kind and now I am trying to figure out what kind. But I am going to make him beg me to do it. This is really easy to do. I can make him beg me for all kinds of things. I dont order him to beg me now. I pick something that we will like, or even better something that SCARES him. Then I start telling him about how I am going to do it or make him do it whatever it is. I talk about it for days or weeks. I say that it is soon, and do a count down but keep pushing back the date. He gets so crazy with anticipating or fearing whatever it is that he asks me to get it over with. By that time he has become obsessed with it. Once he gets to the point where he is begging me, sometimes in tears, I do it. That is how I did the strap on. I need to write about that soon. First it was a threat but eventually he begged me for it and now he is completely addicted to it. It is a power rush to make him want things that he hates or fears.

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