chastity_beltAbout a year ago I realized that I was an idiot. I had been believing that I was keeping him from touching my property, using just his desire to please me, the fear of my “going vanilla” on him, and just raw psychological dominance. I did not think I needed to lock his dicklet up in a chastity device because he wouldnt DARE masturbate without me telling him to.

I was partly right. But I later learned that sometimes he “slipped” and jacked off at work. I was shocked by how angry it made me. Like he had cheated on me.

The way I found out was good tho. I was teasing his cock and purring his own fantasies into his ear until he was pretty much out of his mind. Then I stopped touching him and barked the order at him to tell me a secret. I kept my hand inches from his dicklet and growled at him to obey. So he told me about these illegal orgasms. It all just came spurting out of him hehe

I settled on this plan. I checked his crotch every day when he got home. I made hubby drop his pants around his ankles while I smelled his crotch. If I have even a tiny suspicion of a cummy smell he is busted. I will explain the consequences in a minute. Next I stroke his cock roughly for about ten seconds. If he does not immediately get iron hard for me he is busted. It may be that he has not done dnything wrong and is just tired but I dont care. Busted. Then every so often I grab some lube and stroke him hard for two minutes. If he does not cum right away he is busted. If he does cum then he was just rewarded for being a good boy.

If he is busted then I punish him in a way he will not like. I will refuse to talk to him for the rest of the night, or make him face the wall for a couple of hours, or make him sleep on a towel on the garage floor, or take away his Xbox for a week. Yes he is an adult but he loves that Xbox.

I dont know. Maybe I do need to lock him up. But I dont think I can tease him as intensely that way.

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