Half Portrait

This looks a LOT like hubby, but that tiny girl doesn’t match me very well. I am much much much larger. But look at her arms. She is reaching down to pinch his nose closed while he eats her out almost suffocating. Yum
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My History With Milking And Ruining

I had always had an overly simple view of male sex chemistry, even after I began to study the current talk about them (that I summarized here). I thought that they were all tied up with semen and that if a man expelled semen he lost the oxytocin he had built up. I look back and realize that was dumb. Hormones and neuro-transmitters working on the brain are not all stored in the balls and certainly dont effect the brain just from way down there.

I am talking about this because I was worried about hubby’s balls. I read all over the place that not expelling semen for a long long time is unhealthy. I dont want to harm those balls or that prostate. They are mine.

My solution for a long time was relatively frequent release. About every week and a half to two weeks. It worked ok, but it took him three to five days to get fully back in form. This kind of worked okay for a long time. But later I read things that if true give me other options.

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If it is true that the release of Prolactin and the other changes that knock a man out of his proper subservient uphoria happen only in the final contractions of expelling semen from the penis then maybe a “ruined” orgasm, in which I stop touching him at the very very last moment and he does not get to spurt but cum still oozes out of him will clean out old jizz while not making him forget that he is my puppy.

And if it is true that just emptying the prostate by milking prostatic fluid out is enough to promote health then even better. I have found that just by milking him that way I can either leave him limp or bring him painfully close to orgasm again and again while draining out his juices.

But the problem is that I do not know how accurate these things are. So now I am compromising with a schedule that varies a lot but is on average something like this:

Constantly (several times on most days, seldom skip more than one day): teasing and edging.
Every week: prostate milking. Sometimes more frequently.
Every two weeks: a couple of ruined orgasms.
Every month or month and 1/2: a full orgasm, always as a reward for especially good or especially submissive behavior.

Sometimes I have done things very differently for a while. About 6 months ago during a time when I felt like the brainwashing recordings and hypnotism were working pretty well, I had him listen to a recording that just said “you are submissive to me, you want nothing but to please me” for one to two steady hours per day.

Then during that time, for fun, to confuse him, and to reinforce the brainwashing message I made him cum two or three times a day for four days in a row. Most of this had to be with my hitachi which is a way I can almost always make him cum no matter how many times he has recently. I think for bitchboy it was like paradise and torture at the same time. I drained him dry and it was a very intense experience for both of us.

I will not do it very often because it made him really tired and weak and flat for more than a week, and he started to get a little depressed so I had to put a lot of effort into cheering him. Not because I dont have the right to make him feel depressed and weak because I do of course. But because of two things: I love him and I want him to be happy, and because he is of very little use to me when he is too drained to stand up or smile.

But mixing things up radically always puts him off balance and lets me get a little bit more control of him and that is always a good thing. I love to see the uncertainty on his face when he does not know what the hell he should be doing.

The Control Hormone Situation

cave_womanI have been piecing together an understanding of hormones and their changes in sex, especially males hormones. I have been reading things all over the internet and the sources range from tantric sex people to semi scientific surveys of research to total crackpots spewing bullshit to reinforce their fantasies. So I am having trouble figuring out what is and is not true in this area. But here are the basics I am starting to think are pretty solid.

I will focus on the male hormone patterns because my interest is in controlling my hubbybitch, but I will write later about the female situation.

Sex Hormones in Men

We hear a lot about testosterone, and it is a huge thing in male bodies but the key players in this game are named Dopamine, Prolactin, and Oxytocin.

Here is a simplistic picture of what those three are:

Dopamine: the intense pleasure hormone. A built in reward system. The heroin of hormones. Hugh high and deep crash.

Prolactin: the satisfaction hormone. Like an antidote to the Dopamine. It shuts down sexual stuff.

Oxytocin: the “cuddle hormone.” It is what I was given to induce labor. It is involved in bonding, intimacy, trust, and maybe anxiety.

So now I will look at two patterns in terms of male bodies. The first is a regular “fuck my wife whenever I feel like it” pattern and the second is the tease and denial pattern.

The “regular” pattern: orgasms on a regular basis. In this pattern oxytocin builds up slowly in each cycle, then at orgasm a huge heroin rush of dopamine explodes his brain, and immediately it is all killed by prolactin, so he instantly loses desire, intimate feelings, submissiveness, and trust. It then takes a few days or weeks to build those up again properly.

The tease and denial pattern: no orgasms for long periods, but CONSTANT teasing. In this pattern there are no big blasts of dopamine except for the occasional releases (I know I let hubby have too many a lot of people would say) Oxytocin builds up and stays high all the time, making him attentive and horny and affectionate and obedient and super fucking eager to please the woman. They have done experiments with suggestibility tests before and after doses of oxytocin by nasal mist, and oxytocin makes him MUCH more suggestible.

Here is a chart I found that displays this idea.

Here is what I think. The second pattern is the natural one. Cave men and cave women were struggling for food and survival and probably did not get to fuck all that often which worked out well because the man was a constant protector and helper of the woman, and did what she said. She was the level headed practical one so male obedience to the female helped the cave men survive. Female control of the male is the natural and proper pattern for humans. This is part of why I do not feel any guilt about mindfucking hubby so completely and playing with his emotions and desires. It is just the right thing and the way we are built to be.

About emotions: some studies apparently say that oxytocin can increase anxiety sometimes, and I have seen this in hubby. He will become anxious sometimes as he becomes more and more mentally dependent on me. But you know what? This is good. He is anxious about keeping me happy, and he should be. It is like when you first fall in love and the other person makes you giddy all the time but you stress out about whether they feel the same or will stay with you. It motivates you to be romantic and attentive and caring. So I cause hubby to be CONSTANTLY FALLING IN LOVE WITH ME as he should naturally be doing.

What about pattern number three, where instead of constantly teasing him to intense arousal and keeping him there, you just dont have sex with him. Sex denial instead of orgasm denial. This is the way to do if you want nothing to do with him and dont want him to be your happy puppy slave toy or want you at all. In this situation he has constantly low dopamine, constantly low oxytocin, and the only things sloshing around inside him are testosterone and beer. Not good. He will cheat on you or just get depressed and annoying.

That is my hormone story for now.

Make Him Ask and Beg

photo 3I am sure now that I am going to put hubby in a chastity device of some kind and now I am trying to figure out what kind. But I am going to make him beg me to do it. This is really easy to do. I can make him beg me for all kinds of things. I dont order him to beg me now. I pick something that we will like, or even better something that SCARES him. Then I start telling him about how I am going to do it or make him do it whatever it is. I talk about it for days or weeks. I say that it is soon, and do a count down but keep pushing back the date. He gets so crazy with anticipating or fearing whatever it is that he asks me to get it over with. By that time he has become obsessed with it. Once he gets to the point where he is begging me, sometimes in tears, I do it. That is how I did the strap on. I need to write about that soon. First it was a threat but eventually he begged me for it and now he is completely addicted to it. It is a power rush to make him want things that he hates or fears.

Girs Rule Boys Drool

I love this so much I want to fuck it. Look at his eyes: totally tranced out from frustrated need crawling around in sub space. This is how it should be. When I see that glassy look come over hubby when I fuck with his head or tease the shit out of him it makes me just about squirt.
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