Breath Play 2

We have done a lot more with Breath Play in the last month or so and I am really really liking it. I’m careful with him but just the knowledge that I could make him pass out or even die and that HE WOULD LET ME DO IT is fucking hot. So much trust and putting his life in my hands to please me and because he no longer feels like he has a choice about anything I want to do to him. So fucking hot. I am tempted to make him pass out, but I dont feel comfortable that I could do that safely. But we’ve been getting closer. I will ride his face and pinch his nose like in these pictures, or I will just put my hand over his mouth and use the other hand to pinch his nose closed. A couple of times I have sat behind him and wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him back onto me to rest on my tits while I do this and he is as helpless as a baby. It is such a turn on. Next I will take the next step and do it when he is tied up tight so that he literally could not stop me if I wanted to suffocate him. I never would suffocate my love, but if I can immobilize everything even his head so that I COULD do it then it will bring me to a new level of control over him as he gives in and accepts that his actual life is mine.
photo 3

photo 2

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