Thats it my sweet bitch boy lover. Let it all out. you can let go completely. I am your comfort and your home. Let go and be my baby. You trust me more and more every day dont you boy.
photo 4


To follow up on yesterdays punishment, this morning I tied him to the bed with his feet up and fucked his bitchhole with my strapon. He was not thrilled but I told him that it would help him behave himself better. I love this picture and it shows the attitude I used on him. I dont like the caption really. Well I like the “I am going to change you permanently” part and even calling him Boi. I have called him Boy for a few months now. He was slow to accept it. But now he loves it. But the part of the caption I do not like is the Real Man stuff. Hubby is a real man, and if he wasnt then what the hell use would he be? Sometimes I need to get well and truly fucked and hubby is so very fucking much the man to do it. I am monogomous by nature.
photo 2

Thank God

It worked so awesomely. He let me put cuffs and a collar and a blindfold on him without any complaint, and was quiet in the closet except for a little bit of crying. When I got him out an hour later he was totally meek, and when I let him suck my tit for a few minutes he got super happy. I had not told him I would do six hours, so I let him stay out. I know people will tell me that I am too soft. And what if he reads this? If he does he will know that I CHOSE to let him out because he had learned his lesson and that if I had wanted him to stay in the closet for twenty hours he would have done it.


Ok I got advice from my one domme friend and she said I should chain him up in a closet and keep him in there for six hours, taking him out once every hour to whip him. I said that he has a right to be angry and she said that he wants boundaries and that if I punish the anger out of him he will thank me for it. I am going to do it. I think that if he submits to my putting the cuffs on him in the first place I will know that I have him and he is still every bit my bitch.


We had a fight. I hate it when we do that. It feels like it unravels the knots I have been binding him with. He forgets he is submissive when he gets so pissed off. I dont know what to do. I feel like throwing up. I have been taking my moods out on him and fucking up the trust.