Foot Fetish?

I realized what I need to do to hubbys brain now! He does not have a foot fetish and he even laughs about men with that kink. So I am going to give him a foot fetish. I will just associate positive experiences with having my foot on his face, or in his crotch, or on his back, and within two weeks he will have a total foot fetish. To watch the look on his face when he realizes what I have done to him will be so delicious. I will dangle my foot at him and his dicklet will immediately get hard and he will look at me helplessly, eyes almost begging me not to change him any more. But I will because I feel like it. And he wants me to. Of course he wants whatever I decide to make him want, but it is still fair.
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2 thoughts on “Foot Fetish?

  1. were you sucsesful to change him to a footfetish? or no? does he love licking and smelling your feet now?
    if yes please describe how?i want to change my husband to a footfetish but i dont khnow how?

    • Yes its going really well. I basically just never let him cum without my toe in his mouth. Really quickly he got conditioned to get hard as soon as I put my foot near his face. He loves sucking on my toes but im too ticklish to let him do much licking. I hate stinky feet so there is not much to smell but he definitely now loves having my feet on his face in anyway. Watching his dicklet get stiff just by me waving my foot in little circles get’s me so wet. Its such a power trip

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