cock-torture-femdomHubby was not very kinky a year ago. He was not a masochist or a sadist, he did not like blindfolds or ball gags or whips. He didnt want anything in his ass. He did not want to wear anything around his neck.

But step by step I have made him into a total fucking pervert, and it is the best thing ever.

Once I got him to let me really tie him up, I immediately made the rule that I would only make him cum when he was tied up. THis worked fast. Soon he was totally fucking eager to get tied up, even if he knew he probably wasnt going to cum that day.

Once I FINALLY got him to accept fingers and toys up his ass, I made the rule that he could never ever cum without something firmly up his ass. After holding to this rule for a couple of months I told him that it was permanent. That he would never again be allowed to cum without his ass being filled. This shook him up, and it has not actually been true, but mostly. So now he cums only if he’s tied up and has a buttplug or vibrator or finger or something up his shithole. I doubt if he could cum without those things even if I told him to go masturbate to orgasm.

Then it was easy to add clothespins on his nipples and balls. I tied strings to them so that I could yank them all off right at the moment I made him cum. I made him into a total masochist in like a month.

I am not sure where I will go from here. I am not into cucking him or peeing in his mouth or anything, so I have to come up with more kinks that I like. I need to search Fetlife and find some good ones. And then totally addict him to them. My husband is really really my bitch, and he is addicted to me and to my control and to obedience and to pain and to assplay and to bondage and to whatever the fuck I decide to make him addicted to. I am not sorry AT ALL. What I want is what matters, and I only want what is best for him anyway.

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