Hypnotizing My Bitch

photo 2I haven’t posted in a long time partly beacuse I have been working on how to explain the area of hynodomination and how I found I could do it.

I spent a long time wanting to hypnotize hubby. He did not admit to it but I could tell he has a total fetish for it. I wanted to do it but I felt like I didnt know how and would just embarrass myself. So I was afraid to do it for a long time. I realized that I could get close with just making “brainwashing” tapes for him. I made him teach me how to record things on my computer and make them into MP3s and I started making brainwashing recordings for him to listen to over and over. It turned me on and made him just about blow up just thinking about it. So I made recordings with things like this. I should post some of them here if I can figure out how.

Example brainwashing loop:

You belong to me.
You are my property.
I am your home.
I am your refuge.
You lose yourself in me.
You want to obey me all the time.
You want to please me all the time.
You can’t refuse me
You will do anything I say.
You will do anything for me.
You are getting more submissive to me every day.
Your cock is mine
Your ass is mine.
Your whole body is mine.

Then I make him listen to a loop like that over and over and aver.

At first I did it just because it was hot, but I soon realized that it totally works. I had him so suggestible with constant arousal, and made him listen to these so many times, that it really seemed like I was programming him.

This gave me confidence so I tried to hypnotize him. He said it worked but I felt like it had not been good and like he did not really go “under”. So I didnt do it again for a long time.

I was thinking that I should take a class or something, and I read a lot of stuff online. And one thing that I read totally changed everything. It said that studies show that you do not have to feel trancey or be all comatose for suggestions to be totally effective. It said that for therapy to be effective it was not necessary to be deep in hypnosis. Even a light trance makes someone suggestible, and deep trances do not seem to work any better in therapy than seemingly light ones.

So I hypnotized him again and I again felt like he was not under deeply. And he said so later too. But I gave him suggestions anyway, speaking with authority, and they totally totally worked better than I imagined.

I had his nose itch whenever I said “Motley Crue” and I gave him a craving for lemonade and I made him not want to eat donuts. He remembered everything in every session and did not feel like he had been under deeply, but it was all super effective. So then I gave him suggestions about going into trance when I told him “sleep now, bitch” and that it would get deeper and better and more effective every time.

It works so great that I am still amazed. I realized that I did not have to learn to hypnotize him super great. I just had to hypnotize him a little and command him to get super good at being hypnotized by me. It is fantastic.

I worried a lot that it was just hubby playing along, but it worked so great for major things that I was convinced. I tried this: I suggested that he would crave getting fucked with my strapon. Which he SO did not want to do. But I told him that it would make him harder than he had ever been. And it worked. He ached for it and begged me, and has never gone back.

I still make him the brainwashing recordings. I did one where I just told him twenty times “Whenever I say Sleep For Me Now Bitch you will go into the deepest fucking trance you ever have.” Now I make him listen to that recording twenty times a day which is four hundred doses a day, and now I can put him out anywhere at any time. And I never had to learn to be good at hypnotism. It is awesome.

Now I am trying to think of new things to program him with. Maybe I will make him want to lick my ass hole. I made it so he couldn’t eat french fries without getting sick. Maybe I will make it so he can’t eat ice cream without a bad headache. The more intense shit I think about doing to his brain the wetter I get. I am a bad girl.

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