I love to call hubby up and mindfuck him the hell up. I talk about what I want to do to him or about what I am going to make him do, and he gets so aroused that he cant think or function. Sometimes I don’t say anything naughty at all. I just talk to him in my sexiest velvety purr, just telling him what to buy at the store on the way home or something, and I can tell by his breathing and his voice that he is so hard that he is shaking and dripping. I love knowing that he cant focus or accomplish anything for a while after that. I dont worry about messing him up with his job. I trust him to make it all work out okay. And they love him there anyway, so I can totally mess him up and not have to worry about getting him fired.


Making hubby suckle at my tit like a baby is a huge turn on for me. He just seems so helpless and dependent that I drip over it. And I think it takes advantage of built in parts of the brain. The baby who’s mommy was his world is still in there and I can tap into that and make him belong to me more and more completely. Plus he sucks my nipples so win win.
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photo 1I read such different stories online about chastity cages. The idea of putting hubby in one really turns me on. Especially the moment in this picture, where I offer him the choice and I am so fucking sexy that he cant help himself. But I still do not know how safe and healthy they are. His dicklet and ballies are MY property and I do not want to damage them in any way. I need to learn more.


I made hubby buzz his hair short a long time ago but I have been having a really hard time getting him to shave his dick and balls for me. I may have to get him to promise by making him cum in his pants at a restaurant or something. Those things still work well. The times when I can fuck him up with something that is a reward and a punishment and a promise and a threat all at the same time. And when I get his pants soaked with jizz or even with precum he is like a wet cat. Unable to muster the strength to do anything. He just stands there and shivers like he’s cold. It is so fucking hot.