photo 3Even though I am not writing on his face yet, I love to show I own him in public. When we go to a baseball game or to a bar I swat his ass whenever I feel like it. People see it and laugh and he turns beet red and I get super horny. I make him carry my purse all the time now, and walk behind me a lot of the time. I make him open all doors for me except the ladies room door. I want to get a tshirt for him that says Hers on it. And maybe one that says “sub”. I could get one made that says sub and has a picture of a submarine and I bet even he would enjoy the slight chance of being seen by people he knows as my bitch. On Christmas with his family I just lightly touched his ass a few times, so no one noticed by he was reminded that I own him ALL the time and in all places.

Porn Shortage

photo0096654Right at the beginning I made hubby find pictures and stories that turned him on. I wanted to understand all his fetishes and secret desires and use them to brainfuck him. It was not easy to do actually because he was so repressed and non-kinky. But I pushed him and went through pictures with him online. When we would come to one he sort of liked I would make him tell me why. I made him tell me what the people in the pictures were saying and thinking and feeling. Some of them pissed me off. He would find some picture of a woman’s face super hot and I was like what the fuck? It is MY face that should turn him on. But I squeezed him (literally) until he told me what he liked, and I learned it was usually their expression and the things he imagined based on that they would say.

THis worked out great, because I had a new supply of things I could say to totally get inside his head, and I learned new ways to look at him that made my face the most erotic fucking thing he had ever seen. Later I made him kinkier but at first it was okay just to learn how to manipulate him better and seduce him better.