Signed Sealed And Delivered

I have started writing on hubby. I use a sharpie and I have written several things on him. I wrote My Bitch on his tummy, and I wrote Slave Boy on his thigh, and I wrote Obedient on his neck, high enough that he had to button his collar all the way up to hid it at work. That one was not a good idea because sweat made the ink stain the inside of his collar. But this is really addictive. I want to write on his fucking face. I want to tell the whole world that he is my bitch and that he worships me and I want to watch him struggle as I make him walk around in public all marked up. Someday.

Step By Step

photo 4I think I make it sound like hubby was my total slave from the start and that is not true. Turning him into my total bitch boy was a slow, step by step process. I used orgasm control and long-term restraint and later added hypnotism and all along just manipulated the fuck out of him. I used these things to lead him along one step at a time, spoon feeding him the knowledge that I own him little by little

What were the steps? There were a lot, and I do not remember all of them or their exact order. But it was something like this.

  1. Dishes
  2. Kneeling licking
  3. Laundry
  4. Texting me updates every two hours
  5. Being tied up
  6. Washing my car
  7. Clothespins on his man boobs
  8. Licking me in the car
  9. Putting a toy up his ass
  10. Cleaning the bathrooms on his knees
  11. Wearing a collar for play
  12. Asking permission to spend any money
  13. Doing chores naked a lot of the time
  14. Carrying my purse
  15. Wearing the pendant I gave him with the little submissive symbol
  16. Wearing a collar for play
  17. Getting milked on his knees
  18. Getting fucked with a strap on
  19. Being on a leash when we are home alone

And a bunch of others in there.

Now we are working on getting milked and drained without any orgasmic contractions, and then we are going to work on having him wear a steel collar in public sometimes.

I guess that is a weird order. But he is a weird man. I will have to write about having to make him kinky. He was weirdly non kinky for a man who sort of knew he wanted to be dominated.

And I have to write about the hypnotism stuff soon. It is so much fun and so fucking useful.

Manual Control

photo 4Yesterday hubby was being a little bitch, and whining about having to drive our son to football on Saturday. We were parked outside Walmart talking about it. It was fucking sweltering.

He did not go so far as to refuse to do it. He has trouble doing that, and knows how little he will like the result. But he pulled passive aggressive crap and said that he had to work and if he had to drive him then he would not get his work done and would have to stay up late and it would be bad for him and he would probably get in trouble at work. Blah blah blah. If I did not know that he was smart enough to find a way to make it work I would not have married him. I love him but none of that crap is my problem. It is his responsibility to make it work in a way that lets him be happy and healthy.

So I leaned over and touched his face tenderly and told him to “fucking make it work.” But he would not budge and just got more and more whiny. I was getting pissed off, and I needed to make it clear to him that he could not refuse me. So I told him that I would make him sleep in the garage if he did not agree to do it. But he nodded like he accepted that punishment but would still not be doing what I wanted him to do.

I thought for a minute and got myself calmed down. No point in losing my temper if it was not going to make him straighten out. Then I figured out what to do.

I reached over and unzipped his pants and pulled out his little dick. It was totally limp, which sort of pissed me off on it’s own. But he started hardening up the moment I wrapped my hand around it. He asked what I was doing and I ignored him. When he was completely erect I started jacking him off. I stopped after about three strokes. Four would have made him cum right there. I asked him again in my best sultry voice if he would find a way to take our son to football. He mumbled about how he wanted to make me happy but it was impossible. I stroked him three more times and asked him again. He was having trouble talking. I was so fucking turned on. It makes me so wet when I totally fuck him up. I told him that he was going to do it, and told him to nod if he understood and agreed. He nodded, and I stroked him a few more times and made him spurt all over my hand and his pants and the floor of the truck.

He was quiet and breathing hard after, and searched in the glove compartment for some paper towels but I told him he was to fold his hands and not clean up until we got home. He looked so helpless and so in love that I almost decided to do myself right there. But I drove home and had him carry in the bags and go clean up.

I have not had to do that too many times, but it really makes me hot when I do. When I use a semi public hand job to control him I swear I could brainfuck him into jumping off a building if I wanted to. I love him and want him to be safe, but thinking about that has me dripping right now. I have to go wake him up and get him to eat me out.