Why I Let Hubby Cum

Why Let Hubby Cum

I was asked after the last post if I ever let hubby cum at all or do I keep him frustrated forever. The answer is that I do let him cum. The time between his orgasms is usually between one week and one month. I know that many dommes feel that it should go for months and months, but I really find him to become maximally compliant after about two weeks, and any longer does not seem to enhance his subservient feelings.

But why do I bother to let him cum? Here are the reasons.

1. It gives him something to look forward to, which makes him extra eager to please. Yes I have him in a perpetual state of being pretty much unable to disobey me, but I do not know if we would be so very eager a boy if he did not know that he would get his reward at some time.
2. It is positive reinforcement that I can use for special things. To push him past a limit. For example for a long time hubby could not get himself to wear the little sub-symbol pendant I got or him out of the house. So I made it a condition of his next orgasm, and teased him to the point of insanity and did not let him cum until he promised. The promises I get from him this way seem to burn themselves into his brain. It is awesome.
3. I enjoy the power to make him completely explode. I think I get more enjoyment from the power to fuck him up with arousal until he seems like he might die, but the power trip of making him scream and thrash uncontrollably is pretty good too.
4. I love him and I like to give him pleasure. I married the man for a reason, you know. He is a beautiful man and a very good boy and he deserves happiness of every kind I can give him.

Orgasm Control

hypnospiralIf I had known how astoundingly easy it would be to control hubby and make him crave opportunities to make me happy, I would have taken control of his orgasms years ago. It is amazing. It only took five days after his last “self-determined” orgasm for him to become so pliant and malleable that he would agree to wash the dishes every time, forever. It is important to note that he HATES washing the dishes. Even more than he hates doing laundry, and almost as much as he hates cleaning the toilets.

Needless to say all of these are his exclusive chores now.

I realized a couple of things early on. One is that it is not a rational thing. He is not saying to himself “I do not want to carry Her purse but I will because maybe She will eventually let me cum”. Instead his brain chemistry is swirling with so much need to please, that it feels good to obey and the idea of not obeying does not even enter his mind.

The second thing I realized was that the orgasm control is self reinforcing. The obedient attitude that comes from not allowing him to cum even makes it hard for him to disobey the command not to cum. You might think that the longer I go without letting him cum the more the pressure builds up and the more rebellious he becomes, but it is not so. The longer we go the more the pressure builds up, but it is pressure directed toward devotion to me, so the longer he goes without cumming the more impossible it becomes for him to cum without my permission. Because it would displease me, and because in that state obeying me feels so natural to him.