I cant decide if I should let hubby read this blog. He does not even know yet that I am doing it, but if he finds out and I tell him not to look at it he wont. I think. But maybe I should just show it to him and let him read it. There are things I had planned to write about that I do not necessarily want to share with him. But overall it turns him on hugely to be aware of my control. Anytime I tell him how I am going to control him more deeply its like a magic spell. I tell him Im going to deepen my control of him, and this excites him so much that he immediately becomes more attentive and more submissive and my control is more than it was.

And when he notices some subtle manipulation I have done, like when he realized that I had moved his underwear to the very bottom drawer just to reinforce in his mind that he is to bow and kneel and that hs will is small and subject to mine. He was kneeling there without me in the room, putting away his boxers and when I came in it was like a light bulb went on over his head. He asked me if I had done it to control him more, and I cupped his cheek in my hand, and said ‘of course my helpless little slut.’ His eyes sort of rolled up into his head and i thought he was going to cum right then in his pants, or go into a hypnotic trance for me. (I have to write about that soon. I love to reach right into his head and mess him up)

So what do you think? Should I show him this blog? Meghan my only domme friend says no but I think it would be ok.

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