We have been doing this for almost a year now, and I have to say I have never felt as beautiful as I do now. I’m overweight, and hubby never cared much about that, God bless him. He was always attracted to me, and even before we started our femdom journey together I would sometimes use sex to get what I wanted from him. But now I feel like a fucking goddess most of the time.

The reason is obvious. I feel beautuful because hubby wants me so much all the time. You might think that it would not feel real to me because I am MAKING him want me more and more all the time, with orgasm denial and various ways of mindfucking him, but it IS real. I could not own his cock and his brain this way without him wanting me, and I know he really does. His desire is real and intense and intoxicating. Because I have not created something out of nothing here. I just intensify his desire. And it is not like I am making it artificially intense. Really all I do is prevent his bad habits of masturbating, and bring him to the natural and proper state of insane lust for his wife that any man would have if he did not jack off all of the time.

So I am just doing him the favor of helping him avoid a bad habit, and without that bad habit in the way he naturally desires me so much that it overwhelms him and makes him do whatever the fuck I want him to do.

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