Controlling Hubby

The main way I control him is through sex. Or the lack of it, sometimes. Originally I thought I would put him in a chastity cage, and I still might if I can find one that I think will be safe for his little cocklet, but early on I realized I don’t need one. I started out by telling him that now I owned his cock and balls and ass, and that he couldn’t touch them without my permission, beyond the minimum necessary for hygiene. Then I checked him every night after work, even as our son watched tv at the other end of the house. I would tease him hard, and I could tell from how hard he gets how fast whether he has been naughty and cum that day. He disobeyed only twice, because he learned that the punishment for cumming without my permission is that I stop all bdsm with him for several days. This was a fairly effective deterrent to begin with, because I know my man and I know his fantasies and he really, really wants my control. But after conditioning him for a few months, I got him to the point where he would rather get hit by a car than displease me by playing with my cock.  So I have him caged in chastity without a physical cage, and as long as I check him every day, it works better than any silicone or steel gadget could.

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